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Pal Tamas

„Ami rajtam múlhat, rajtam nem múlhat!”

That's the way it is in my work and it's the same outside of it. I believe that it is only worthwhile to start anything with all your heart, but let's not rush so far ahead.

I was born on the last day of the summer of 1987. 18 years later, I made a special friendship with photography. My other hobby, cycling, helped me a lot on the way here. I pedaled competitively for years. I have been to beautiful places, which is why I had the opportunity to capture what I saw in photos. After my victory in the 2005 OX Hungarian Cycling Championship, I turned to photography instead of further racing. I already knew then that this is what I want to do: standing up in special situations, getting to know people, grasping their values, seeing behind the surface and making others aware of this.

"Although in this creative profession, according to many, a diploma is not what matters, I graduated of Photojournalism at the Bálint György Journalism Academy. I spent my internship in the editorial office of MTI (Hungarian Information Office). The experiences I gained there made me aware that I had chosen more than just a profession, a vocation.

I worked as a photojournalist for four years, but I wanted to use my creativity at a higher level instead of the everyday grind. Business photography attracted me the most. Product, food, advertisement, event.

From 2016, I expanded my services with interior photography, which has become the most defining activity of recent years. Due to the accumulated experience and known needs, I created my website especially to meet the visual needs of hotels and restaurants. My clients can get their complete visual appearance in one hand with the best end result and the most efficient implementation!

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