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Portréfotózás, portréfotós, üzleti, csapat fotózás

A good portrait photo is more than a captured moment, it captures attention and conveys a message.

Perhaps one of the most important factors in creating a first impression , it is therefore important to take these pictures according to personal, truly unique needs, including the choice of location and lighting.

Management photography, employee portraits, corporate portrait photography for social media and websites, for internal communication or media appearances. It's about us and our business.

The message of our personal brand and company can be well conveyed during creative or classic portrait photography.

The preparation of portrait photos begins with consultation and thorough planning, we choose the right location, the lighting style, agree on the dress code, as well as the options for makeup and retouching.

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The soul of a hotel is the team. From the front office to the chefs working in the kitchen, everyone works for common success.

Be proud of them too!