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Enteriőr fotózás, szálloda fotózás, hotel fotózás

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Hotel photography is one of the most complex tasks, which includes everything from interior photography to advertising and food photography to portrait photography.

Interior photography is a very special branch, where the requirements of architectural photography must be met with the unique needs of hotels in mind.

How do we present a hotel room in such a way that we convey as much information as possible in each picture, yet preserve the real characteristics of the room? Choosing the right viewing angle and using unique lighting is essential. Thorough, but not excessive, follow-up work is also unavoidable in order to preserve the natural effect of a wrinkle-free bedding or of a view.

The other pivotal point in hotel photography is the photographing of the bathroomI have dedicated a separate gallery to this part, where I will show you how well a generally small, dimly lit room can be photographed with good results by carefully planning the viewing angle, lighting and post-production.

Closely related to interior photography is the creation of image photos where we fill the various spaces of the hotel with life. Adapting to the target audience we can move on a wide spectrum from cozy photos to dynamic images to extreme attention-grabbing solutions, free of clichés and trite settings.

Az Within food photography the presentation of hotel breakfast offer also belongs to a special branch. Where you have to mix the unique needs of interior photography and food photography. In addition to the presentation of the offer, I think it is important to take photos of food on a plate or at a laid table to get you in the mood for the most important meal of the day. 🙂

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Enteriőr fotózás, szálloda fotózás, hotel fotózás

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