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If you are interested in how my work looks in practice, you can find out everything about the process of hotel photography on this page.

Szálloda fotózás, hotel fotózás, enteriőr fotózás

When taking the main interior photos of a hotel, we distinguish between two directions:

In the case of large brands and hotel chains, it is necessary to rely on a guideline prepared in advance, which contains the main requirements of each topic.

Keeping in mind the mandatory image elements, equipment, decoration and post-work. The most important thing here is how we can adapt the brand's expectations to the specific building and available resources.

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In the case of stand-alone hotels, the hands of the creative team are significantly freer, which allows for even a completely unique visual world.

In both cases, interior and portrait photography is preceded by thorough planning. The main task is to define the style and visual world on which we want to build the visual content. A downtown business hotel needs something different than a jewel box hidden in the depths of nature.

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Szálloda fotózás, hotel fotózás, enteriőr fotózás

Photography procedure

Creating a photography list

Collecting and categorizing the topics, rooms and areas to be photographed according to different aspects, for example, areas requiring artificial or natural light, according to the needs of models or decor.


Timing is important in several ways. The characteristics of the given room greatly influence the best period for photography. In addition to the position of the sun (sunrise, sunset, midday light), existing artificial lights must also be taken into account. The effect you want to communicate with a photo can only be achieved with perfect timing, light conditions and lighting.


The mood of a picture is basically determined by the character of the light used to create it. We can photograph a hotel room in its romantic atmosphere in the evening or by focusing on the amount of natural light available during the day and the special features of the room. The same applies for restaurants or meeting rooms, where it is perhaps even more important to present the ratio of natural and artificial light for, for example, the organization of an event.

Design and models

Time to focus on the details! The perception of human presence in hotel advertising photos is always a pivotal issue. In some cases it can take away, in other cases it can strengthen attention to the given area. With models and various accessories, we can make interiors livelier and friendlier, and we can address a specific target audience. Planning this always requires thorough work, but the end result is visible.


An essential part of interior photography is post-production, when all elements are in place. This does not mean that we present the area differently from reality, but that we translate the photographic language from perfect colors to freshly ironed bed linen.

Satisfaction guaranteed

A perfect picture is worthless without a deadline, good communication and smooth work. For me, the legendary customer experience is the basis, which I guarantee!

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